Be Prepared, Know What You Want And Pursued It - JCI O'DUA

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Junior Chamber International, O'DUA Chapter an arm of Junior Chamber International, Nigeria hold her March Business Meeting today 21st of March, 2021 at Lafia Hotel, Apata Ibadan.

The meeting have in attendance 2007 JCI Nigeria National President, JCI Sen. Jimoh Musa Yusuf, 1997 JCI Ibadan Past President JCI Sen. Adesina Olufemi Adegunle, League of Past President of JCI O'DUA Chapter; JCI Sen. Titilayo Matesun, JCI Amb. Oguntokun Babajide, JCI Amb. Jumoke Amoo, JCI Amb. Titilayo Adedokun.

In the word of the business meeting trainer, JCI Sen. Jimoh Musa Yusuf (JCI Nigeria 2007 NP) during his training on Parliamentary Procedure;

"Courtesy and justice must be done to all issue arising during a business meeting, you must consider one thing at a time and be well assured that majority rules while the minority must be heard.

He also shed more light on rule to follow while attending a business meeting which will make a key to a successful administration

" Be Prepared; Draft an agenda ahead of the meeting which must be in line with the meeting goal, Avoid having the same agenda in every meeting and make sure your agenda attract the audience attention.

Know your venue

Conducting the meeting; order of business, at the exact hour and meeting should have quorum".

The personally of the month JCI Sen. Adesina Adegunle also said in his word;

"Know what you want, pursue it and you will get it.

"Most youth dream are shattered because they did not do proper planning before setting up a business and the internal factor.

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    Be Prepared, Know What You Want And Pursued It - JCI O'DUA
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